My specialty is developmental editing with an editorial letter. That means I read your manuscript and give detailed feedback on what's working and what you can work on to sharpen and shape your book. You get your manuscript back with an editorial letter (usually 8-10 pages) detailing the suggested working areas. You'll also have annotations and comments throughout the manuscript showing examples of the working areas listed in the letter.


I approach your work from a four-point perspective:

Concept. What's the big idea? Is it original, or tackled in a new way? Is it fundamentally interesting?

Craft. The basics: spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice. Beyond the basics: sentence order, variety, brevity, cleanliness, style.

Structure. Plot, and how that plot is revealed. Chronology and time-shifting. Point of view.

Voice. Who are we listening to, and why do we want to spend time with them? Are the characters unique and specific? Can we tell who is talking in a dialogue? More powerfully, what about you, the author, guides us through the story, and what words and sentence structures make your authentic personality clear?

You'll get feedback on each of these elements as well as specific notes throughout your pages.

Types of Editing

After evaluating a sample of your work and doing a preliminary consultation to determine your goals and expectations, we'll choose which type(s) of editing will best help your work.

Developmental Editing. Working with an early draft to help you shape your manuscript into a coherent, readable manuscript. This can include research for a nonfiction book.

Editorial Letter. Feedback on the overall concept and execution of your manuscript, with questions and suggestions for further work. Feedback on story and plot, characters and concepts. This is "big picture" work.

Line-editing. Going through your work line-by-line to make sure every sentence is in the best possible shape before publication. Marking sections that need rewriting or rewording. Assuring consistency of voice, excellent usage, word choices, grammar and spelling, and checking plot continuity.

Copy-editing. Proofreading, grammar and typo fixes. This is technical editing that does not focus on style, story or concept. Fact-checking can fit here, too.

English-to-English. For non-native speakers, I will revise your work for correct colloquial usage (USA, UK or Canadian) and in the voice or style you prefer. If you have a literal translation, I can revise your work into a genre or literary style.

Other Services

Manuscript Evaluation. Similar to an editorial letter, but more big-picture. A written report on whether your manuscript is ready for sale or submission, with detailed explanations on what needs improvement for the manuscript to reach a professional level.

Mentoring/Coaching. Writing instruction, help, encouragement, inspiration, and assistance developing your writing and your voice, or a guide through your publication journey. Coaching and mentoring can focus on one manuscript or your writing career, and includes Skype sessions, feedback on drafts, and help finding and using publication and development opportunities.

Getting Started

It's best to start with a sample of your work to see if we're a good match.

If you're ready to work, send five pages.

There is a $50 assessment fee that will be applied to your overall quote.

If I realize I'm not the editor for you, you will receive a refund. Otherwise I'll send your pages back with edits. If you realize working with me is not a good fit, sorry--I'll have done the work and you bought it. I'm also happy to refer you to other (kinder) editors.

Edited pages are emailed to you or sent via a file-sharing service in MS Word with comments and tracked changes. If you prefer hard copy, pages can be faxed or couriered for an additional charge.

Consultations are also available via phone or Skype. A consultation includes a sample edit and 30-45 minutes of discussion on your work.

Am I right for your genre?

I'm strongest at editing Young Adult, literary fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction, romance (including erotica and straight-up porn), mystery and playscripts. I'm also delighted to work with inspirational and spiritual books, soft science fiction and most fantasy.

You're better with another editor for hard science fiction or elaborate high fantasy. I can help you with line editing and plot, but I don't know the genres well enough to position your work within the canon.