The Unkind Editor

You have a book. Or a story, or an essay, or a proposal.

It needs editing.

I am neither inexpensive nor kind.

I'm good.

Your book will be better. It will be done on time. You'll even like it.


I could not be more happy with the precision and quality of your insight. You have been really comprehensive and the information is organized in a great way. I see myself making 80-90% of these adjustments. Emily Stowe, USA

I really can't say enough how smoothly [the author's] stories read after they've passed through Allison's hands. I know many of them well, have read the majority previously, and I am struck by changes that I can't really pinpoint, but that are clearly evident. Reader of Martin Ewen's Panto-Damascus: One Clown's Alphabet

To my editor, thank you, thank you, thank you. There are editors and then there is Allison Williams, The Unkind Editor. Your insight and expertise not only made my book stronger, but also made me a better writer. I look forward to having your attentive eye on all of my future works. A. K. Mills, USA

Each and every note is spot on and absolutely necessary. I am amazed by the detail in your critique--so thoughtful and insightful. Pamela Peterson, USA

Allison isn't (just) the type of editor you want--she's the type of editor you need. She cares about what's important in this process: pushing your work to perfection. And she will, with a smile on her face and red pens on hand. A. R. Kahler, USA

I'm extremely grateful that the network connected me with a professional editor whose competency I could trust. I really enjoyed working with you, Allison. You were polite, detail oriented and extremely thorough. The wrap-up editorial letter was fantastic and you provided a wealth of helpful suggestions for me to implement. For example, the prosthetics section. I'm bowled over that you would take the time to contact an amputee. You went above and beyond on that. Also, the examples of technical problems were great. They were exactly what I was looking for when I hired you. My goal was to streamline things and make my writing tighter. My goal is to become more proficient at editing my own work, but I think it's a crutch that a lot of writers bear. An editor can see what needs to be done, and sometimes the writer cannot. Collette West, USA

Thank you for meeting last week! It was such a pleasure going over your thoughts in person and your comments have really motivated me to work on another draft. Your comments make sense and I'm in a writing routine again- thank you! I look forward to working with you in the future and keeping in touch. Jacqueline Perrottet, Dubai UAE

Thanks, Allison Williams, most kind editor, for the edits, the encouragement and the kind kick in the butt. Irene Hoge Smith, USA

I've worked with Allison on both self-help chapters and an epic fantasy novel. For the factual, she's precise at pointing out where something needs support, research or an anecdote, and helped keep the tone and style unified. Her suggested rewrites stayed in the voice of the book, too. Working with fiction, Allison was able to point out where the structure of a very complex plot could be tightened while keeping or even strengthening my original intention. She's supportive but picky, and your book will emerge from her tough-love process stronger and better than before. R. Mordant Mahon, USA

You were the one who pretty much told me to quit jerking off and start writing, and it was the kick in the pants I needed to make myself friggin' focus. Writer, USA

I'm ready to climb out of this well of fear and back into the creative sunshine. Marina Petrano, USA

I am crying now, tears of gratitude because this story would not be half as good if I didn't have your guidance. Sonia Rao, India

I wouldn't at all say that the hints were harsh; they are forthright and well-thought-out and well-presented, just how I like them! Writer, UK

Best edits. Met the deadline! Thank you for slaying my little darlings - that undecided voice I have that creeps in and out of my writing. I'm proud of the essay, it reads well because of your revision process, and a wonderful meeting. Larry Lynch, USA

Your insight has turned on a lightbulb for me. Writer, Australia

Supportive, encouraging, honest. You are the midwife of my work. Writer, USA


March 1, 2017 - Please note, I am booked for full-length projects through September 2017. If you'd like to work in autumn 2017, you may want to reserve your slot before May.

Sample editing continues, but take your own deadlines into consideration if we're otherwise suited.

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